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The Leo Matiz Foundation was founded in 1998 as a non-profit organization. It is committed to the dissemination and preservation of the work of Leo Matiz, recognized as one of the most important photographers of the 20th century. The collection houses 66,315 positives - ancient and contemporary - advertising images and cartoons, as well as 117,516 negatives and transparencies. The most emblematic images of the collection are disseminated through international exhibitions and publications. The Foundation's mission is also to provide opportunities and support to disabled photographers, motivating them to carry out their individual projects.


Alejandra Matiz, daughter of Leo Matiz and President of the Foundation for life, has dedicated herself to the task of preserving her father's legacy and bringing it to an international audience, in the same way that Matiz traveled across the five continents in life.

"Given its importance, it is my responsibility to show my father's work to a wider audience, bringing the viewer closer to his artistic production and his photographic talent."

"For 45 years she has dedicated herself to preserving the legacy of her father". She actively lives between Colombia, Italy and Mexico where the headquarters of the foundation are located."

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