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Leo Matiz


Leonet Matiz Espinoza ( April 1, 1917, Aracataca, Colombia -  October 24, 1998, Bogotá, Colombia)

Better known as Leo Matiz, he was one of Colombia's most prominent photographers and cartoonists, enjoying international recognition. He lived not only in his own country but also in Mexico, where he socialized with renowned artists of the country; in the United States, where he worked for media outlets such as Life and Reader's Digest and in Venezuela as the photographer of the Miraflores Palace. Among his notable works is "El Bogotazo" (1948), during which he was injured by a stray bullet in his left leg. One of his photographic masterpieces, "Pavo de Mar" (The Peacock of the Sea), is considered one of the finest photographs of Colombia and has been admired in Japan and the United States. In 1949, he was selected as one of the top ten photographers in the world.

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